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I have got a simply amazing math trick here for you! First of all, I want you to think of a card (you must know the name and the number)Ace=1, Jack=11, Queen=12,King =13 The number you have ,well double it Then add 3 Then multiply b (More)
Hello, this is 15karunk with a quick blast of epic news! Device for smartphone addicts launched! A new smartphone which is completely technology-free has been made, to tackle internet addiction. The "NoPhone" has no screen, no battery and is basic (More)
Karun wrote: Keyboard shortcuts
Here are a few shortcuts I use in the blog.  They REALLY help! The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter. The second table is used with Ctrl + Letter. To get these tables click on the question mark icon next (More)
Music videos to be given age ratings! Today sees the start of a new scheme, which will see online music videos given an age rating, just like films and video games.This will mean that unless you are old enough to watch them, you may have to miss out (More)
Karun wrote: Big News!!
This news story is on BBC news. Chagas disease - The assassin bug A silent "killer" once confined to Latin America now has gone global. The "assassin bug" - which spreads Chagas disease - exists in countries like Bolivia. But up to 80,000 migran (More)
I have got this information from Newsround! World marathon record: Dennis Kimetto under two hours three minutesWorld marathon record: Dennis Kimetto under two hours three minutes  Dennis Kimetto from Kenya has broken the marathon world re (More)
In case you do not know, a mind set is your mind personality.  There are two types of mindsets ; a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.  Here is a video which will explain more about growth mindsets from youtube. Here are words you can change (More)
Ok guys, I am 15karunk and here is the new and improved... MATHS CHALLENGE!!! This time there will be levels and a limited time to complete them. LEVEL  ONE( 2 minutes) Johnny a boy who loves to bounce balls has been given twenty two b (More)
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