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Who is he? (William Tyndale) William Tynadale was the first person to translate the bible from Latin to English. Imagine not having a bible in English. Thanks to William Tyndale Christians can read the bible. When William Tyndale was growing up in (More)
David wrote: I (Influenza virus)
September 22 nd  1989 - 2020 There was a man called Chiyaan . He was promoted to be in body building association and he had to wake up early and exercise for the contest and get a strong body. There was another guy who was doing body building a (More)
David wrote: Ride out (chapter2)
Paul was chasing the twin brother (Shaw). He was chasing him down the main road. Paul was gaining on him but Shaw hit the breaks.Paul didn't and zoomed ahead.Then once Paul was ahead Shaw zoomed after him.Now Shaw was behind Paul.Shaw accelerated to (More)
The two cars revved hardly. The watching world was cheering for someone awesome. His name is Paul. He was in a team called Ride out. When one person was in jail they all thought what's point being a team so they split up. Paul was in his Lamborghini (More)
My name is David I am ten years old let me tell you what has happened to me for the past 3 years. It was the greatest thing that has happened in my whole life. I was so into football that when I'm at school and when my Teacher asks me a maths questio (More)
There was this boy called Anthony he was only 8 years old . He has brown hair and blue eyes,baggy trousers and he is the smartest in the class . One day he saw his dad pick pocketing a lady . Anthony's dad is a criminal he is real criminal he never s (More)
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