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Joshwa wrote: Rogue Nation
I ( Jacky Chan ) am a normal school boy and my life is about to change when i was recruited by C.I.A.What could be worse than doing a mission in which you get chased by murderers shot and kicked...I don't want to get too specific where having to comp (More)
Joshwa wrote: News story
My first news story is: Sam a toy dog was sent up in 15 miles in the air bur on the way down he got lost and now people are looking for him. Some people and school children say that Sam must have become detached from the helium balloon and GPS (More)
Has everything evolved? When will evolution stop? How did evolution start? Who was the founder of evolution? What makes evolution popular? Is evolution actually true? (More)
Joshwa wrote: 100 word challenge
War and demolition balls of death raging towards me. The times of red spraying out. remember those who brought peace to our lands. remember those who risked their lives for us.   Days of red falling upon us. greed and selfishne (More)
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