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Welcome to our class blog. We will be using this blog to document our learning journey this year and hope you enjoy reading what we are learning about. We would also like it if you left comments if you have any questions, feedback or if you just enj (More)
20faisals wrote: Kew Gardens trip
  First we got on the coach and the coaches name was mayday.After we arrived at Kew Gardens.First we took a photo after the photo we saw a pecock.Then we went to the toilet then we saw a lady.The lady gave us craions and we drawed flowers and (More)
 My favourite  parts  of the trip were 6 different parts. .1 treetop walkway. .2 yummy lunch .3 waterlily house .4 getting on the coach. .5 the aquarium with fascinating fish .6 looking at the peacock (More)
20lillymayl wrote: My poem
  See what I found ? An awesome calming lily. softly flowing in the wind. will it fly over to my garden?   (More)
20malahatm wrote: The Kew Gardens Trip!
On Tuesday 28th June we went on school trip to Kew Gardens. I want to share what we did there! First we explored The Gardens and we saw a PEACKOCK!!! Next a worker came to give us a tour and she gave us some black card and she told us to lo (More)
20fortunet wrote: The experiment
First we got 4 plastic cups Then we put crees seeds into each one Next we put cotton wool and soil into each one Then we put water and coke into each one (More)
20jessicam wrote: Georgia o'keeffe
Gorgia o'keeffe was born on the 15 of November in 1887.At the age of ten she knew she wanted to be an artist.In erlay 1900's she went to art school in ciargo.Gorgia o'keeffe engoyed school in particlaur art and had lots of lovely extra lessons after (More)
One   tearing day there  was a lighthouse keeper named Mr Grinling.He lived in a white cottage.He liked to sail to his lighthouse and polish his light. The next day Mrs Grinling went to the kitchen and she was making scrumptious barbecue chickewn w (More)
20tobis wrote: See what I found
See what I found A little pink flower. In front of the sun standing godly. What will it grow to? See what I found? A long green stem. Abzorbing the hot dazzling sun in the mud. When is  it going to die?   (More)
What is your favourite flower? What is your most propeller flower? How meny flower pots? Wich flowers do you sale? Why do you sale seades?   (More)
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