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Dear garden center manager   Wolud you mind if I ask you some questions. Firstly what is your favourite flower in the shop? How often do you water the plants? how much dose the popular plant cost is it expezive? How long have y (More)
20amaara wrote: MEAN MAD SEAGULLS
MEAN   MAD   SEAGULLS Screaming  Mad  seagulls stealing  food. By Amaar   On Saturday the 14 of May 2016 . There have been reports of seagulls stealing food. A  witnesses saw  some  crisps been  stolen from Mr Holes sh (More)
20rudram wrote: Georgia O'Keeffe
When was Geogia O'Keeffe born? She was born on 15th November 1877. Where was Georgia O'Keeffe born? She was born in United States. When did GeogiaO'Keeffe know she wanted to be an artist? By the age of 10. What first inspired Geogia O'Keeffe' (More)
20jessicam wrote: The queen and the monster
Once upon a time there lived a nice King and a pretty queen called Saran and Jessica. One day they went to a fancy restaurant. When they arrived at the castle a monster came out of nowhere and gobbled the queen up in one mouth full. The King was cryi (More)
20krishnad wrote: Hungry seagulus
On Saturday  14th May a seagulls stole a crisps. He ripped the crisps. The police thought it Tom. Tom got in trbool The seagulls is wit. If you see  heim yuo hof to cach him rig the police. See  found the empty    packet at be (More)
20lillymayl wrote: My poem about the seagulls!
The seagulls are pesky. As well as quickly they swoop down to solve their quest. They could be criminals? Stealing the food. They are criminals! by lily (More)
20saveras wrote: Grace Darling story
A long time ago Grace Darling lived in a big lighthouse.  One day a big huge storm came. At 4:45 am Grace  looked out of  her window and saw a  ship wreck. Grace woke her father so they could rescue the people. Grace and her Father went out into (More)
We are learning about a person who loves flowers but I have some questions for you: do you sell  Bouquets? what kind of flowers do you sell? why does only Poppy Day exist? I hope you can awnser these questions.My favourite flowers are (More)
Dear school cook In class we have been looking at healthy eating and what makes a healthy lunch . If you don't mind can I ask you some questions. Firstly where dose the vegetables come from the farm or the stores ? Is the pudding healthy or (More)
20malahatm wrote: Dark Evening
First we got glowsticks. There was hot choc. On the whiteboard there was fire but not real fire. Then we went on a hunt to find nocturnal animals that were stuck on Mr Tee's balls in Miss Gorden's class. Third we went to Miss John's class and we pain (More)
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