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Welcome to our class blog - we will be using this blog to document our learning journey this ear and hope that you enjoy reading what we are learning about. We would also like it if you left comments if you have any questions or just enjoyed it have (More)
Use the links below to research about muslims and Islam: Islam - Woodlands Junior Islam - BBC (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Can I talk like a pirate?
Our next exciting topic is 'Can I be a treasure hunter?'. To get ready for the topic why not try learning how to talk like a pirate? Use the following link and write a short dialogue between two people. Don't forget to punctuate and have fun!! (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: James Carter poetry
Why not use this link and find out more about James Carter's poetry? Could you collaborate with a friend and write down your own poem? James Carter poetry (More)
Use the following links to find out about magnets: Magnetic fun science kids - magnets first 4 magnets (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: What do I know about iron?
Use the following links to find out more about iron? Iron Facts What is iron? (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Inverse operations
What have you been learning about inverse operations? What is an inverse operation? Why do we need to learn about inverse operation? (More)
Use Pearl Trees to answer these questions. What is a conductor and what is an insulator? Can you name some examples for each one. Is there anything else about conductors and insulators that you want to share with everyone? (More)
Can you tell us, how we get electricity and what a circuit is? (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Controlling the Sphero
This week, we've been learning how to ┬ácontrol┬áthe Sphero. Can you talk about your experience?   (More)
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