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18vithuishv wrote: L.s Lowry biography
It was time for Lawrence Stephen Lowry to be  born on the 1st  of November 1887 as a prominent artist . Did you know that Lowry 's mother was a wonderful pianist and his father was a clerk . Many years  later Lowry 's father died when he  (More)
Your homework for this week is on finding the perimeter of a rectangle. Can you watch this video using the link below and answer the perimeter questions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61MVkA5np9I (More)
Use these links to help you add and subtract fractions! Adding Fractions Subtracting Fraction (More)
Your learning log for the half term is to find out more about our next topic, 'Lowry'. Use the following websites to help you with your research. Good Luck! http://www.thekidswindow.co.uk/News/Lowry.htm http://primaryfacts.com/2248/l-s-lowry-fact (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Rosa Parks
Can you use these websites to find information about Rosa Parks. Look for the key dates, so we can build her timeline.   Website 1 Website 2 Website 3 Website 4 (More)
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