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Oluwatomisin wrote: STORY
It was a wonderful day outside  the sun was shining bright in the sky.  The neighbor hood was so peaceful and quiet most of he time  me and my family hear birds tweeting in the distance. It felt like the burning sun was going to melt me in  to on (More)
Tamera wrote: Myst
Having decided whether r I should go across the bridge,my eyes already in shock from so much. Regardless of the dangers that could be ahead of me . I stood on the crooked bridge my heart filled with terror . Not knowing what was  ad of me . Despit (More)
1 .Dragon making Once upon a time there was a boy called Luz and he likes to play dragon warriors. He made a flame dragon that has wings.The second dragon he made was a water dragon it was blue. Also he made nature dragon that is green and had a f (More)
Mathujan wrote: The Unknown Emporium 1
Chapter 1 Unknown Emporium There is a boy called James.He had heard about the Unknown Emporium.He really wanted to get there.The Unknown Emporium is a mysterious shop which disappears every day to an other country.The Unknown Emporium is a very d (More)
Damy wrote: Food Fight
Chapter 1 : Super Hospital Aragon was a villain who owned a lot of food, he was evil, but didn't know what evil scheme to pull. His assistant, Adhul said " You own a ton of food, Master. You could use it for your evil scheme if you know what i mea (More)
One bright sunny day, 2 adventurous boys called Tim and Timmy escaped from their house into a dismal forest. They kept on exploring until they found a black pebble. Tim said "What is that?", Timmy replied "I don't know, but it looks good for our coll (More)
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