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Miss Ordain wrote: Miss Peppa Pig story.
This is miss Peppa pig. She is very kind and friendly. She likes to go to the seaside and she packed her luggage and lunch box. One day Peppa walked to the seaside and met miss happy and Mr grumpy. Miss Peppa pig made friends with miss happy and Mr g (More)
The book that I enjoyed reading was Anne Fine the angel of nitshill road and it about a girl who was calling a boy names and calling him fat. One day the girl was at her desk and the teacher wanted to to speak to her but she was so scared because (More)
Veronica wrote: Billionaire boy
Would you like to be a billionaire we'll you should read this book . It is also a girl and boy . This boy called Joe and his dad is so rich ( by making toilet rolls 10p x 100,000,000 = billionaire ) he even went to a private school it was so private (More)
First Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy got evacuated because there was a war.  There were in the countryside. They went in a house which lived a professor. Lucy saw a wardrobe. It led directly to Narnia. Edmond went in the wardrobe as well but whe (More)
Abinaya wrote: Nigel Hinton
Nigel Hinton Nigel Hinton was an author and an actor and he was born on the year of 1941. Nigel Hinton was born in London in the middle of an air-raid. He didn't like school but did like reading When did he become an author Nigel Hinton started (More)
I did standing on one leg challenge and the upside down one and reading outside and the one that say read to a friend so I read to my teddy bear and the rest of the challenges I finished. I had so much fun reading lots of books. I also had fun readi (More)
Ashley wrote: what I'm reading
I am reading a book called star crazy me.It is about a girl bunking of f school because her friend called her a fat freak . And she has always wanted to be a pop star because she has a very big voice .She also was so excited when she heard about her (More)
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