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I have used calibration since becoming a digital leader because I have to work together with the other digital leader's and think of other plans with them to improve the school. I have also done planning because I need to plan the earnings that (More)
We  do  courses   because we like teaching people new things and also because we can raise money to buy new things. We also like to do it because we like teaching them why we like being digital leader  and how we became . We also do  i (More)
18krisht wrote: What is Prezi?
Prezi is an improved power point so like you do not need to go on Google its got  google comes with it so there's no need to go on google at all even you can  change colour. When you look at it does a moving effect that does it like a zoom!! (More)
This is a pie chart for, What some people had voted for!, if you have different ideas, please comment and tell me. I personally think that Solving computers with nothing on it is important because I can do what is wrong write. If you haven't do (More)
In my life in year 4 as a digital leader I learnt how to use I Movie by my friends that helped   me  so I can perfect it.  I am very happy as a  digital leader. Also my fellow friends helped me use    movie maker and soon I made (More)
http://wtpayear5.polldaddy.com/s/elvin By Elvin (More)
18krisht wrote: Being A Digital Leader
What I do as a digital leader! I am a digital leader and I help my class mates with glitches. If the screen is frozen and if they do not know what to do I am able to help them because I go on courses to learn how to trouble shoot problems. (More)
15jerielp wrote: Favorite free apps
There are many apps on on the Ipad and on Andriod devices but some cost a bit. We want to know what is your favorite free app. Maybe EA, iMovie, music or many more. Please leave a comment and let us know what your favorite  app is. Put whateve (More)
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