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Welcome to our class blog. We will be using this blog to document our learning journey this year and hope you enjoy reading what we are learning about. We would also like it if you left comments if you have any questions, feedback or if you just enj (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Can I talk like a pirate?
Our next exciting topic is 'Can I be a treasure hunter?'. To get ready for the topic why not try learning how to talk like a pirate? Use the following link and write a short dialogue between two people. Don't forget to punctuate and have fun!! (More)
Rocky  was a 10 year old girl she lived with her two sisters and two brothers Delia who is 12, raspberry who is 5 , Luke who is 13 and Jack who is 18 . They lived in a Mansion in Mako Los angels . Rocky nerved   believed  in fairy tales one day wh (More)
Hey Reading Stars, remember when we went to the trip? When Mr. Jonny Zucker asked us if you were on a football pitch and you would take a penalty. Then the goalkeeper saves the ball how would you shoot. Because I didn't say my idea there I want to (More)
Why do I have to go to school? We have to go to school because we need to learn. We go to school because we need to read. School is important because if you don't go to school you will not learn.     (More)
What I learned in year one this year is that we go to lots of different trips and my favorite topic is Firework night!!!!!!!  I like this topic because the firework is very colorful.     By Hannah 1-3 (More)
I have learnt many things from our topic Evolution for an example I have learnt one of his theories which is that we evolved from apes. That makes us homo - sapiens, that is what he thinks. I have also learnt that we may carry some of an ape's DNA. (More)
20kaysiew wrote: What I like about school
I like my teacher because she is Nice and respectful. We do nice work together. I like doing my work because me and my teacher do fun work together. I like break time and lunch time because I get to play with my friends. The topic I liked (More)
20malahatm wrote: What do hindus believe?
Hindus have more than 100 gods they have 10'0000.Hindus believe in there gods.Hindus also believe Rama and Sita.Hindus pray in a temple.Hindus do have some evil gods like Ravana.The  story of Rama and Sita made Diwali.On Diwali Hindus make rangoli (More)
Miss Williamson wrote: Can you rise to the challenge?
In 2.2 we have been learning all about keeping fit and healthy. We have been doing a challenge everyday to try and improve our fitness! We have to run laps of the netball court everyday. We try to do more laps each day. If we exercise everyday, ou (More)
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