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My name is Rafaela  and I am a new digital leader. I would like to learn about how to use some ipad apps such as : videoscribe and anamoto because I have never heard of these things. I'd also like to learn how to make qr codes if I learn how to ma (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Rocket launch experience
We launched our rockets last week. What happened to your rocket can you tell the class? Can you link this with the shape, size and weight of the rocket?   (More)
Today during assembly KS2 learn't a new work called GRIT. GRIT learning is about recognising the struggle in learning and that when we find something tricky don't give up, embrace the struggle until you become successful! Take a look at the video att (More)
15jodicej wrote: Why knuckles go crack
The experiment was done using MRI scanning technology. On the scans, there was no sign the gas bubbles had popped or disappeared. The bubbles stayed there even after the clicking sound  had occurred but were hidden from view when the finger went b (More)
17elijahj wrote: 2.3s feathery adventure!
First we went in the hall and we saw the owls. We had to sit quietly in the hall because we couldn't scare the owls otherwise they could fly away. We asked lots of questions to our owl helpers. Then one class at a time took photos.   &n (More)
Steve wrote: 2.3 seeing the owls
2.3 Saw the owls there was a barn owl little owl and a eagle  owl . The all lived in different  country the eagle owl lived in india  and the other owls live somewhere else. then they were flying in people and some people were scare (More)
Year 5 presented at the Apple Conference for Teachers last week and they were amazing! They talked about learning in an Open Learning Zone and how they use ICT. They presented in a professional manner and the audience were transfixed by their ever (More)
Miss Arli wrote: Year 5 Learning Zone
Take a look at our Learning Zone with a 'Walk Around' by our learners.  Any comments would be appreciated! (More)
Ihrum wrote: Owls
Owls can’t move their eyes. They must turn using their heads to see. Over 200 types of owls live on the earth. Owls can turn their heads almost completely around.     (More)
Evangelin wrote: 2.3 visit the owls
Today we were going to see the owls and when we saw two ladies they showed us 6 owls and we got to see them .One was called barn owl,eagle owl,tawiny owl and little owl after that we went back to class because it was breaktime after breaktime we w (More)
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