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Mrs Nishan wrote: Electricity
What have we been learning about in electricity?   (More)
18krisht wrote: Being A Digital Leader
What I do as a digital leader! I am a digital leader and I help my class mates with glitches. If the screen is frozen and if they do not know what to do I am able to help them because I go on courses to learn how to trouble shoot problems. (More)
In a filtration process we had  to make a filter which can clean dirty water. To make  it we   first put a container on a table and  we put a bowl on the top. Then we put two funnels on top . The  first  funnel which is on top would (More)
Aravin wrote: Nemesis Inferno C2
   Quick story plot Me and my friends book a hotel and we stay in a weird one. We do all the things we like and my friends are sleeping and there is actually a inferno ghost around. I put my inferno Exo Skeleton suit on and try defeat it. We (More)
I have learnt that the convention of human rights  started in 1998 just after the world war 2. Azim I have learnt that the Prime Minister wants to ban human rights. Hayleigh What I have liked learning about human rights is that we have wrote (More)
Ihrum wrote: Food chains
When you do a food chain the animal eats the other animal like: - The frog eats the grass hopper, snake eats the frog, hawk eats snake. another example: - the rabbit eats the carrot, snake eats the rabbit, eagle eats the snake. (More)
Miss Williamson wrote: Our Trips to the Woods
2.3 have already been to the Coombe Woods two times! We had so much fun and did lots of exciting things. Can you tell the world what we got up to at the woods? What are you looking forward to about our next visit to the woods? (More)
Miss Williamson wrote: Welcome to Year 2
We have not been back at school for long but we have already been doing lots of exciting things! Can you tell the world what 2.3 have been up to? What have we been learning? (More)
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