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Miss Arli wrote: The Other Side of Truth
What have you read so far? What is your opinion of the story? Use evidence from the text to back up your reasons. Make sure you discuss whether your opinion on the story has changed as you read through each chapter. (More)
Lajanisa wrote: The Owl!!
Poem about Owls In the night he travels Slicing through the sky like a knife through butter In a tree he sits A friend of the moon lingers above its perch With a pointed beak Tapered ears And claws for toes He looks left, right and all around (More)
Scientists say they know more about what lies at the center of Earth.Research from China had said that the inner most core of our planet has another,separate section at its center.The team thinks the model of the iron crystal there ares different fro (More)
Prishma wrote: Literacy
Here are the different sentences: Declarative sentence: Means a statement  Interrogative sentence: Meaning a question Imperative sentence: Means a command Exclamatory sentence: This means to show a surprise or strong feeling (More)
Northern lights meet sunrise!!!  NASA released a clear recording from the International Space Station on Thursday, that shows Aurora Borealis or also called as Northern lights, meeting the sunrise over Earth. We can see from the recording that th (More)
Lajanisa wrote: Wake up and think!
Is appearance everything?  For this question think about: The way you look Personality Knowledge The way other people find you What's the difference between telling a lie and keeping a secret? For this question think about: (More)
There was a car that slid into the front of the house its was on a  snowy day anyway so that was the problem it was in Northern England and Scotland, it was a terrible crash there was also a women living in the house and the car hit the front of t (More)
Lajanisa wrote: Tricky riddles to try!!!
Imagine you are swimming in an ocean and a bunch of hungry sharks surround you. How would you get out alive? What do you serve that you cannot clearly eat? What kind of room has no windows or doors? What is in the middle of nowhere? Where (More)
Adithya wrote: 100 Word Challenge
                          Oh Christmas Eve Oh Christmas Eve, it's here at last, Celebration day, please come fast, Someone has opened the wooden door, Could it be Santa Claus?   Rudolph's red flashing (More)
"It's the moment you've been waiting for About a million trillion years. MATCH OF THE DAY." Everyone was very excited that match of the day has came out. Today's match was Liverpool vs Hull city. The match of Liverpool vs Hull city was going to start (More)
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