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Miss John wrote: STEM BOF
What has been your favourite STEM challenge of the week? (More)
Miss John wrote: Our CSI investigation
A forensic scientist visited year 2 today and told us about collecting evidence from a crime scene. What evidence can be collected from a crime scene and what could it tell us? (More)
Miss John wrote: Number Bonds Game
You have enjoyed playing the number bonds game at school and asked if you could continue to play and practise at home. Click on the link to the left to take you straight to the game. See if you can beat your previous time. Remember to challenge yours (More)
What challenge have you set for yourself and what are you going to do to make sure you improve over the next two weeks? (More)
Miss John wrote: Staying Healthy
What would you like to know about keeping fit and staying healthy? (More)
Miss John wrote: Safety with medicine
What advice would you give someone about staying safe with medicine? (More)
Miss John wrote: How do I know I'm alive?
During our new topic of 'How do I know I'm alive?' we will be reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and thinking about how the characters relate to each other. Please leave any comments or questions you have about George or his grandmother.  Tha (More)
Where do you read? Who do you like to read with? Do you like being read to? What is your favourite book? (More)
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