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Miss John wrote: Year 2's owl visit
Year 2 were very excited when some feathery visitors arrived at our school. We found out different facts like where the owls come from, how much they weigh and what they eat.  Here is a picture of Sira the Eagle owl. (More)
Miss John wrote: How do I know I'm alive?
How do you stay fit and healthy? (More)
Miss John wrote: Reading in 1:1
We read a story called 'Where the Wild Things Are'... In the book there is a boy called Max. Max had to stay in his room because he got in trouble. Max's bedroom turned into a forest and the plants grew and grew. There was a river and Max jumped o (More)
Miss John wrote: Our visit to Toys r us
We saw lots of great toys at the toy shop.     Abbas and Liam liked the toy castle. We got to meet the Toys r us giraffe. (More)
" Anancy is a spider, Anancy is a man, Anacy's West Indian, and West African" As part of our celebration of Black History we have been learning about Anansi the Spider. We have listened to a wide range of stories about Anansi. Our favourite Anans (More)
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