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Sajivan wrote: An eventful journey
In a flat in England, a boy called Jake and he has a friend called Jacob. They are both ten years old and they like football. Jake is very good at football. Jake and Jacob are very sensible, although he is sometimes rude. At some point he is nice and (More)
In class we've been discussing about how we can improve Thornton Road. We've done presentations on your suggestions and made leaflets. Can you now share these on here? (More)
Mr Chamberlain wrote: A perfect Pond.
Can you explain to Mr Roberts all of the features of a successful pond? Think about the things inside or around the pond, why are ponds used? (More)
Rupali wrote: About the pond
The animals that live in the pond are tadpoles, back swimmers, leeches, newts, pond snails, pond skaters, frogs and earthworms. The earthworm lives in the soil of the pond. The tadpoles swim all around the pond. The backswimmers swim upside down thro (More)
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