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Elijah Joesph wrote: My letter to David Cameron
Rose court Road Croydon Surrey 19/5/16 The RT Hon David Cameron MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA Dear Mr David Cameron, I'm writing to you because I want you for Sade and Femi to stay in London because their m (More)
                                                                                         INTRODUCTION In our reflection we will  be talking about what we think about the Other Side of Truth.  In th (More)
The celebrations in Nigeria are Eyo festival, Calabar carnival, Lagos carnival, Osun festival, Sango festival, Ojude Oba festival, Carnival, Ofala festival, Argungu Fishing festival and new yam festival. But I'm only going to give information for 5 c (More)
This book's story is based on a naughty girl who tries to make friends with a lonely girl at the school but it gives a lot of persuasion. The book's main characters are Elizabeth Allen, the pretty but naughty girl at the school, and Joan Townsend, a (More)
Why do I have to go to school? We have to go to school because we need to learn. We go to school because we need to read. School is important because if you don't go to school you will not learn.     (More)
20jeriusb wrote: Why do I like school?
I like school because I get to see my friends. I like school because of P.E. I like school because I get to see my teachers. I  like school because I  get to play Why do you like school? (More)
One hot sunny day there was a 11 year old boy called Daniel. He loved adventures with his friend Jack. The adventures they had was going in the snow with his dad, going in a boat in a storm with his granddad, going in a secret cellar with Jack's sist (More)
Miss Ordain wrote: Miss Peppa Pig story.
This is miss Peppa pig. She is very kind and friendly. She likes to go to the seaside and she packed her luggage and lunch box. One day Peppa walked to the seaside and met miss happy and Mr grumpy. Miss Peppa pig made friends with miss happy and Mr g (More)
20jovitat wrote: My best friend at school
My best friend  at school is Kaysie and Iman . Iman is my best friend because she is so kind and she helps me when Ineed help. Kaysie  is my best friend because she helps me and she is also kind. Kaysie plays with me at school and Iman pla (More)
20jovitat wrote: What I like about school
I like school because we get to learn  new things. I like school because I have a nice teacher. I like school because I have lots of nice friends. I like school because I get to read books and I like reading. I like school because I ge (More)
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