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Mrs Nishan wrote: Let's stop bullying
  What could we do to stop bullying in our school? (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Let's stop bullying
What do we need to make sure we're doing to stop bullying in our school? (More)
20kaysiew wrote: What I like about school
I like my teacher because she is Nice and respectful. We do nice work together. I like doing my work because me and my teacher do fun work together. I like break time and lunch time because I get to play with my friends. The topic I liked (More)
The  first step of making mind map is to draw it and put the subject  in the middle. The next step is to write the key word's around it.  Now write the key words and key information. Then write the reasons why you put those (More)
Danny's adventure When Danny was in Spain he had a gigantic house with a swimming pool. He was living in Madrid, Spain. His age was around 10. So when he jumped in the swimming pool he was swimming so much that it was nearly supper time. He ate his (More)
We need to go to school because it will help us in the future and if we don't learn we wouldn't know anything and we might need to have a good education to get a job. We need to go to school because in the olden school's we didn't have any good chanc (More)
Elijah Joesph wrote: all about electricity
What I wonder? 1.When was electricity invented? 2.Who invented electricity? 3.How do we keep safe from electricity? 4. Why do we need electricity? 5.What will happen if we didn't have any electricity? 6.What is the purpose of electricit (More)
Elijah Joesph wrote: Roman numerals 41 -60
41 =XLI 42 =XLII 43=XlIII 44= XILV 45= XLV 46=XLVI 47= XLVII 48=XLVIII 49= XLVIIII 50= L 51=LI 52= LII 53= LIII 54= LIIII 55= LV 56= LVI 57= LVII 58= LVIII 59= LVIIII 60= LX     (More)
15jodicej wrote: Why knuckles go crack
The experiment was done using MRI scanning technology. On the scans, there was no sign the gas bubbles had popped or disappeared. The bubbles stayed there even after the clicking sound  had occurred but were hidden from view when the finger went b (More)
Elijah Joesph wrote: All about the time
Today I am going to tell all about time. There are different things we can to tell the time like 1:00,2:00,3:00,4:00,5:00,6:00, 7:00,8:00,9:00,10:00,11:,12:00 and many more.I am going to tell you 5 facts. Fact no 1: 24:00 is another way for saying (More)
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