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Welcome to our Premier League Reading Stars blog...on this blog students at West Thornton Academy who are on the Premier League Reading Stars program will post and share their work with you. This program is aimed to help encourage children to read (More)
Prishma wrote: What's in the news?
The world's most oldest primary pupil starts school In Kenya a ninety year old women has started school for the first time in her life. Priscilla Sitienei (the oldest women who started school for the first time in her life), has said she could not (More)
Today was Saturday.It was the world cup and it was Portugal vs Algeria.I know that Portugal was going to win.It will take 90 minutes so half it half time 45 minutes,aunthor half time 45 minutes,half time anthuor 45 minutesand half time anthor 45 minu (More)
Chapter 2 Today Sophie was at school and she had a big surprise.  When she went to school nobody was there and some teacher or somebody had given her a text saying school is tomorrow. Somebody had tricked her. Sophie was very disappointed and qui (More)
Elijah Joesph wrote: Homophones
Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. I will give you 4 examples of homophones. Flour/flower four/for There/Their  Wear/Where Now I am going to tell you five sentences with the (More)
Mikaela wrote: School
Across the UK, there has been a big debate on whether girls and boys learn better together. 96% of schools in the UK are mixed. However, 4% of the total, schools in the UK are single gender. Here are some of our opinions: AZIM:  In opinion, (More)
Khwarzum wrote: My self
Khwarzum  My name is Khwarzum and I was born on the 22 May 2005 in Mayday hospital. My hobbies are sports games my favourite game is cricket. I am  really engiong to go to the beach and  having lots of fun. In my garden I have (More)
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