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Leandra wrote: The girl called Krissa
One day there was a girl called Krissa she moved  houses to live with her Nan because her grandpa passed away.  She was so excited that she was going to her new school. She had 1 brother but no sisters. It was a morning when Kris (More)
Today Jasmine was going to her cousins house Lexi, Lily and Louise.Lexi told  her if we should go and spy so Jasmine" said yes. Jasmine said to Megan, Levi and Venesa do you want to be a spy Megan said yes but if I don't like I will go but if I  (More)
Leandra wrote: The house of a Jungle
Once there lived a girl called Jasmine she loved swimming. She had 4 sisters and 1 brother they were called Rachel, Rae,Bethany,Bella and Sam. Jasmine started swimming at the age of 3 years old she also loved doing art. She lived in a big Mansion in (More)
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