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20lillymayl wrote: My garden centre questions
What is the best product you have ever sold?  Can you tell me why you decided to be the manager of this garden centre?  How often do you water the plants?  How long have you been selling flowers?  What price is most popular in you (More)
Mrs Nishan wrote: Can I talk like a pirate?
Our next exciting topic is 'Can I be a treasure hunter?'. To get ready for the topic why not try learning how to talk like a pirate? Use the following link and write a short dialogue between two people. Don't forget to punctuate and have fun!! (More)
I know that some light houses can be near the sea. I know that all light houses are tall.   Are there any light houses in croydon? How many stairs do they have in a light house? What colours can light houses come in? Are th (More)
20jeriusb wrote: Nocturnal Animals
We have been learning about owls and over nocturnal animals like bats and all overs. What is your favourite nocturnal animal and why? Did you know that most Hedghogs live in your backyard? Did you Bats are blind? Did you know sum owls c (More)
21susietat wrote: The Anansi Stories
My favourite topic is when we learnt about the Anansi  stories. I liked it when in class we described Anansi and how he is cunning, greedy, funny and wise. Also I loved the part where Anansi is really funny and if you work together as (More)
16samuela wrote: My evolution facts file
What was his childhood like? Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12 1809. He was born into a wealthy family meaning to his family was rich. Although Darwin had an pretty ordinary life he did because he hated it. In his autobiography he wrot (More)
What do you know about Charles Darwin? Tell me as if I didn't know  anything about Charles Darwin. What can you tell me about him to make me understand who this person was. Here are some questions you could choose how much you want to do. (More)
It was a normal day in Lagos well for everybody except Ray he thought everything  was normal but really the day hadn't started. When he thought he was going to have a normal day at work really he was going to walk in the door and see the place tra (More)
Mr Heritage wrote: Lowry
Can you find out about Lowry's key dates? Sothebys Primary Facts Key Facts Britain Unlimited  (More)
21farhads wrote: Chinese topic
My favourite topic is Chinese because we had to go to wing yip. And got goody bags and we brang a dead crab and a fish to school. And had to feel them and cut the fish and crab. I really like the goody bags because we had the cookies and inside was l (More)
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