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I know that the fire spread quickly because first it was windy and the houses were together and the houses were made out of wood.I know that the fire started because the was a man called Thomas Faryor and he had a daughter called Anna and Thomas Fary (More)
There was a great big war, There was ww1 and ww2, Clothes soaked in blood, People dead no help at all, Minds at war, out in the war, People are dead, bodies lying everywhere on the ground, Remeberance day helps us remember, what had happened (More)
Miss Williamson wrote: How do I know I'm alive?
This is what our topic is all about! What have you learnt in this topic? Can you answer the question yet? Please comment with your ideas and we can have a discussion in class! :) (More)
Check out these websites Official Site Bio. Dahl Fans Key Dates (More)
Use these websites! Explore the USA National Geographic Fact Monster (More)
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