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Ihrum wrote: Stem Week
what does steam stand for?                                                                                                                                                     (More)
Ben punched the king hardly that he couldn't move faster.When he got out of the house,he relised that he was in the Artic.He saw polar bears and they chased after him.He ran and ran until he saw the lake.There was nowhere to run so he had to swim. (More)
Andrew wrote: 100 word challenge
once upon A time they was a plant that kept on growing and growing every year and it was a black were you grow your plants and it kept on growing and growing and they water the plants so it can grow every time it grow and it was  little black and   (More)
A 10 year old girl called Natasha, lived in Beaconsfield with her family. She knows how, to fix a plane, car and motorbikes. Her parents allow her, because she's a sensible girl. Tasha opens the door announcing : " I'm home mum". Quickly Tasha das (More)
Tamera wrote: Shipwrecked
One bright and summer morning Tamera was going for her daily jog .The town was rich  ,so rich that they had not heard of the meaning poor . She decided to borrow a book there she met Rae reading . Tamera she is a cheerful girl she has black and red (More)
Vinayak wrote: Ben and the evil king
Once upon a time there lived Ben,his parents and his older sister. Ben has brown hair,he has lots of friends and plays with them.Also he is 5 years old and his sister is 9 years old.Sometimes his sister is mean. One night,Ben finished his dinner. (More)
Tamera wrote: Myst
Having decided whether r I should go across the bridge,my eyes already in shock from so much. Regardless of the dangers that could be ahead of me . I stood on the crooked bridge my heart filled with terror . Not knowing what was  ad of me . Despit (More)
Kirish wrote: 100 Word Challenge
Green-Lantern has the obility like hulk because he is super strong like hulk and  Captain America so he can do anything to the bad guys so Green Lantern also has a partner called the Minotaur and he helps Green Lantern and the Minotaur   helps (More)
Tamera wrote: WBD (World Book Day)
On the 3rd of March everyone will dress up as a book character I am  going to dress up as Katniss Everdene from the hunger games Rae is dressing up as a Superhero/ Princess and Vrishti is dressing up as Bets from the panto mine cats and lots of peop (More)
Narrator : One day Rae Claire and Tamera  were going to there new University (Cambridge) and they went on a train there stop was were the train terminates. They were going to be on the train for at least a hour but that's what they thought , they di (More)
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