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Tamera wrote: Freecycle
Freecycle means when your donating items you no longer want/need but still are useful (i.e. working toaster, clothes, TV, Pots/Pans, star trek action figures etc., etc.,) to people who need them. It also means you have a use for the item not just so (More)
Tamera wrote: The Chosen One👑
INTRODUCTION Skyler Ross she has shimmering light brown hair she's tall and home schooled she lives with her parents Ann and Frank ,one day Ann got offered a job as a lawyer of cores she said yes .But that means they had to move. HELLO ENGLAND I G (More)
18clairew wrote: 100 word challenge
There once was a boy, named Tom Cruise. His mum and dad got shot at the age of 3 he had no mum or dad. 20 years later he went to his uncle's house. Then he made a contraption which can control people's minds. So he tried it on his uncle and told him (More)
Kirish wrote: The Lost Island
Chapter 1 Meet the kids Hi I'm Zach and I go to Military school just because I stepped up to the principal in my school when he done what he shouldn't have done I Now I have arrived at military school. Then are Commander woke up at 3 o'clock an (More)
Environmental Issues In the is it important to be green we’ve learnt about Natural Disasters and I looked at the top ten deadliest Natural Disasters they include Cyclone’s, Twisters, Avalanche, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions . Another thing (More)
Shivraj wrote: Time Change🕐🕚
Chapter 1 The Kids Meet the kids they are just normal kids they have no superpowers. They were eating there breakfast and watching TV. They asked there mum if they can go to the park. There mum said they can't because they need to finish there homewo (More)
18clairew wrote: The mystery CHILLI!!
Chapter 1 the Beginning Narrator: Once Upon a time there was a evil empress, named Maleficent. One day she sent a chilli with a message, unfortunately it got hit by a meteor. Empress Maleficent sent all of her guards but it was no where to be found (More)
Kirish wrote: Rubbish
Our rubbish goes in a lorry to collect are rubbish and they put it in a place called a Landfill site and they squash the rubbish for space and they berry rubbish in the soil so no one can see what they did. A landfill site is a area that they use to (More)
18clairew wrote: The lost spark
Chapter 1: Beginning Once upon a time there was a phoenix called Penny, she had a older brother called Dash and a older sister called Sunshine. One day Penny went to her temple, Once she got inside Dash scared her " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH (More)
Talha wrote: 100 words challenge
One day there was a boy called Jake. He he loved magic. One day he imagined him being a firemen whith wings. So he started to draw there was a fire and the manager said "jake you have to go and put out the fire". He went  in the fire truck and went (More)
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