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Eesha wrote: Bad life
Series 1-Confusion Chapter 1   Introduction One day it was the weirdest weather outside it was sunny but then it was thundering at the same time but  Caroline was never scared she lived by her self only 10 years old dead parents but very sad she (More)
Elijah wrote: THE LABYRINTH
Chapter: 1 PROTESTER The labyrinth is full of endanger animals but a man named Neter is trying to take them all and use them for fur and me Joe trying to keep the animals safe so I have a protected place far far away far    CHAPTER:2 L (More)
Pauldilan wrote: 100 word challenge
I can see lots of traffic in the picture. There are lots of cars,vans and buses. There are lots of people in the picture. there are lots of buildings like flats. There are lots of people driving the cars. There are l of colours on the cars.The people (More)
tarik khushbakht wrote: Gracie and the monkey!!
One sunny day there was a little girl called Gracie and her mum called Ellie. Gracie was at the beach with her mum Ellie. So when Gracie was eating ice-cream she suddenly saw something move behind the palm-tree. Gracie shouted and said to her mum tha (More)
But later that day lived a boy called Shivraj and he always to become a football superstar he was practicing and practicing and he was 18 years old he was old enough to be a football player.And he has a driver licence and he drived his car to the od (More)
Arwaa wrote: 100 words challenge
Once there lived a girl called Lisa and woke  up from her nap time when she wakes up from her nap .She wanted to go to Burger King . I want to  Oder some salad and  a ham burger  , they gave me a  heart-cookie. I  loved it . I met a girl her na (More)
Miss Brownbridge wrote: Children's University
We have just finished our first half term of Children's University. What did you enjoy about Did you learn a new skill?  (More)
What do you think Raj's plan will be? (More)
Miss Guy wrote: The Mystery Realm
I anxiously found myself in a mystery realm. One crooked bridge was my only hope to find out about this magic. Rapidly, fear filled my heart as I took my first step…I peered and saw a rusty ladder, I thought that there was another option but I (More)
Miss Guy wrote: Children's University
What have you been learning about during Children's University? What would you still like to learn to do in your chosen area? (More)
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